A modern day film noir set in London. Newly arrived in the UK, a young African man's attempts to become British takes an unexpected turn. Starring BAFTA nominated actress Kierston Wareing, newcomer Emeka Sesay and comedic actor Robbie Gee.




young Jane sneaks a mouthful of forbidden food with devastating consequences. An insightful exploration of family life. (9 mins) Watch this movie by tapping on link.




Two rival, teenaged boys lost in the wilds of the Peak District, are forced to put their hatred aside in order to survive. A short film we produced for the UK Film Council, Arts Council Of England and B3 Media. (17 mins) Watch this movie by tapping on link.



An urban British woman attends the funeral of her estranged mother in rural Africa. (17 mins) Watch this movie by tapping the link.




Music video exploring the misrepresentation of women in the media and society. (1 min) Watch this video by tapping on link.





Feature length documentary, in which rageh Omaar examines modern child slavery in different parts of the world. (129 mins)





Writer/Director - Afia Nkrumah

Cinematographer- Robin Whenary

Production Designer- Simon Daw

Exec Producer- Nikki Parrott


MOTHERS' BURDEN is a modern day psychological drama that takes place during the vibrant rituals s of an Ghanaian funeral. Inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet, it tells the story of Yaa, a young bereaved heiress, who returns to her home town for her mothers's funeral. Yaa wants to take her mother's place as head of the family, despite the resistance and interferance of the rest of her family.

Caught in a net of family secrets and mendacious relatives at war with each other, Yaa is tested in every way as she navigates through bereavement and finding her new place in the family. Mothers' Burden is an intense and humorous story of loss, betrayal, and family expectations.

Mothers' Burden has been commissioned as a play by Trestle Arts/Pursued by a Bear Theatre Company. Mothers' Burden is having a rehearsed reading at the Arcola Theatre in London on 21st May 2018 as part of the Foundry Theatre Festival.








WINDFALL- A west African social satire, about Abena who is recently widowed at age thirty-three. Illiterate with three kids, she wants to hang onto the small spit of land that her husband bequeathed her, despite his family, the authorities and a mining company's attempts to prise it from her.


Dealing with sabotage and accusations of witchcraft, Abena loses favour with neighbours and friends as financial and social pressures mounts on her family. When the local water is poisoned and villagers fall ill, Abena provides her neighbours with an effective and free cure, using the plants from her land. The villagers begin to change their attitudes towards her.


Grateful for saving his child, a migrant parent in Europe sends Abena some money through Western union in the city. Abena travels to the city to retrieve the money that will save her family from financial ruin.


However, her illiteracy gets in the way of retrieving the money. The maddening levels of bureaucracy and corruption prove very challenging for Abena, as she tenaciously gathers what she needs to fend off her in laws and greedy neighbours.


Her perseverance pays off as she retrieves the money just in time to pay for what she needs, to protect her land and to get an education for her young daughters and herself.


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